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 “To do what nobody else will do, a way that nobody else can do, in spite of all we go through; is to be a Nurse.”

Rawsi Williams

At the Dubrava University Hospital, nursing activities are carried out by nurses/technicians within the framework of the competences acquired through training on the basis of authorization for independent work. Registered nurses play a central role in supporting healthcare facilities in providing quality care to a diverse and growing patient population. Nurses/technicians are directly involved in almost all aspects of hospital quality, including patient care, bedside care and medication management, as well as education of patients and family members about post-hospitalization care. Since 2003, Dubrava University Hospital has been providing professional development for nurses in the form of lectures, workshops and courses. Nurses/technicians, in addition to being educated within the institution, are also educated by various professional nursing associations that operate at the national and international level. Each year, more than 130 nurses/technicians participate in various congresses, symposia and professional lectures and are authors of numerous professional and scientific papers representing evidence-based nursing. We are also proud that 44% of nurses/technicians have a high level of education. The recorded numbers support the mission and vision of Dubrava University Hospital, which is to provide high-quality health care with continuous improvements and implementation of quality in all areas of healthcare, with a holistic approach aimed at the greatest benefit for the patient.