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The IT Department of the Dubrava University Hospital consists of two sections:

  • Section for Application IT Support
  • Section for System IT Support

Both sections work together to ensure the efficient functioning of IT support in the hospital environment and to enable better healthcare and easier management of hospital processes.

The IT Department plays a key role in the management, coordination and support of IT requirements and activities in the Integrated Hospital Information System. Its task is to ensure the efficiency of information technology and thereby improve the quality of medical services, patient safety and administrative processes in the hospitals. Another important task is to ensure the infrastructural aspects of IT support in the hospital, including network infrastructure, server and database management, data protection at all levels and the maintenance of computer equipment.

The IT Department works with other medical and non-medical departments, healthcare and non-healthcare professionals to identify their needs and customize applications to best suit their work processes, and develops long-term strategies and plans with the goal of improving the use of information technology in the hospital environment. This includes the identification of key objectives, the assessment of required resources, technology and capacity, and the development of plans for their implementation. The department also monitors the development and progress of information technology, identifies opportunities for improvement and researches new solutions that could improve the quality of healthcare and operational processes in the hospital.

Through these various tasks and responsibilities, the IT Department actively and responsibly participates in the transformation of the Dubrava University Hospital into a modern and efficient healthcare environment that provides quality care to patients and facilitates the work of medical and non-medical staff.