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+385 1 290 2444
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Department head Prof. Boris Brkljačić, MD, PhD tel: +3851 290 3255 email:
Acting head engineer Viktor Gregurić, bacc. radiol. techn. tel: +3851 290 2917 email:
Secretary Andrea Vidović tel: +3851 290 3255 email:

In the Department of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology, comprehensive radiological diagnostics and minimally invasive treatments are carried out under the imaging guidance using optimal imaging equipment. With the help of European funding, we also equipped the Department with new radiological equipment in 2023,  including 128-slice and 384-slice dual-source MSCT devices, 3T MRI and two angio-suites.

The Department is a teaching base for the University of Zagreb School of Medicine for  students of the integrated undergraduate and graduate study of medicine, university integrated undergraduate and graduate study of medicine in English, and the University of Applied Health Sciences for students of the undergraduate study of radiological technology. Postgraduate studies of the UZSM in the field of clinical radiology are also organized in the Department for residents in radiology.

All radiologists in the department participate in the activities of multidisciplinary teams at hospital level.

Our staff is currently involved in several international research projects, including:

Horizon 2020 “RADIOVAL – International Clinical Validation of Radiomics Artificial Intelligence for Breast Cancer Treatment Planning”. The School of Medicine is a part of the research consortium, the local researchers being Prof. Boris Brkljačić MD, PhD, Associate Prof. Gordana Ivanac, MD, PhD and Eugen Divjak, MD, PhD.

EU-JUST-CT – European coordinated action on improving justification of computed tomography, project number EC ENER/21/NUCL/SI2.844392, led by Prof. Boris Brkljačić, MD, PhD.

EU-REST – Service contract for analysis on workforce availability, education, and training needs for the quality and safety of medical applications involving ionizing radiation in the EU, project number HADEA 2022/OP/0003, led by Prof. Boris Brkljačić, MD, PhD.

I-VIOLIN – Implementing verifiable oncological imaging by quality assurance and optimization, EU4H-2021-PJ grant: 101056832, part of a consortium with Prof. Boris Brkljačić, MD, PhD and Ivana Kralik, PhD.

IAEA project: “Applying Best Practices for Quality and Safety in Diagnostic Radiology” – regional TC project, Europe Division, project numbers RER 2016007 and RER 6038, Assoc. Prof. Jelena Popić, MD, PhD.

IAEA project: “Dose management and optimization of interventional procedures in Croatia” – project number CRO2018002, led by Assoc. Prof. Jelena Popić, MD, PhD.

The Department was also involved in several completed research projects funded by the Croatian Science Foundation.

The Department consists of five divisions – units divided according to the individual activities and subspecializations in radiology:

  • Division of Neuroradiology and Radiology of the Head and Neck
  • Division of Thoracic, Hepatobiliary, and Gastrointestinal Radiology
  • Division of Musculoskeletal and Urogenital Radiology
  • Division of Interventional and Cardiac Radiology
  • Division of Ultrasound and Breast Radiology

Appointments for diagnostic examinations can be made via the hospital website or at the D6 reception desk of our department. For more information about appointments and findings, please contact our administration department on +3851 290 2859.